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Commercial Flooring

Office Space, Showrooms, Schools and Churches

Kingston has extensive lines of commercial flooring that can transform your office space, retail showroom, school or church.

Let us come out and show you the affordable options that are available and give you a free estimate. 

Property Solutions

Color, texture, light – details like these transform a room, carpet and flooring is the foundation that the look and feel of a room is built on.  


At Kingston, we're here to help you find that look and feel your going for. We’ll help guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and then stand back while you choose your favorites. Then we pull it all together with professional installation, excellent customer service into a home or office design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours.

Say hello to the new you!

Rental Property & Property Management Solutions

Our renovation of the historic Hyperion office complex was listed as a Top 10 by the New Cube blog in its article, “Old Space, New Tricks.”

Assisted Living Centers

Kingston Flooring provides ready to install stock and quick installation for several metro area Assisted Living Centers. We are a ONE CALL SOLUTION for fast turnaround on all your flooring needs.

Builders Solutions

We stock the most commonly sought carpet, tile and hardwood flooring in the colors that are preferred by builders in this area. We also will stock a particular carpet, tile or hardwood for individual builders if they require a certain distinct material for their designs